Angelica - Owner

The Wax Spot owner provides the ultimate Full Body and Brazilian waxing and facial experience for men and women.

A licensed cosmetologist, Angelica has been providing professional waxing services for more than six years and now provides waxing services exclusively. She is praised by clients for providing the best technique and overall experience in Houston. The Brazilian blue wax she uses is paraffin-based and adheres only to the hair (not to the skin) making it less intense than other waxes and techniques without the possibility of burns, cuts or bruises. This wax works especially well for coarse hair to obtain a more effective wax without breaking the hair, which can sometimes cause ingrown hairs. This is absolutely the best wax to use for more sensitive areas like the bikini line and for Brazilian waxes as well as the back. For finer hair and more sensitive skin Angelica uses a creamy, sensitive wax idea for eyebrows, upper lip, legs, and the like. Angelica’s technique is the closest thing to painless in the world of waxing – you simply must experience Angelica’s technique to believe it! During your wax, you can relax by watching the fun sitcoms Angelica has playing on the flat screen. An appointment with Angelica is truly a pleasant experience from start to finish.

The best thing about waxing with Angelica is that as clients continue to wax, the hair becomes less dense, finer, softer, and smoother for a fresher feeling. For best results, only 1/4 of an inch of hair growth is needed. For most people, the process provides 3-4 weeks without shaving or tweezing!

Angelica considers her clients to be friends that she’s able to visit with every 4-6 weeks. She’s excited about her move to the Heights and looks forward to meeting her Heights neighbors.